With simplicity and elegance as trademarks, Brian Brady and Franco Biscardi wanted to "accentuate the master bathroom's grandeur and glamour, while keeping it warm and serene," says Brady. Always, the Brady Design team stresses what's apt for the location. Here, that meant a palette of blues and grays to evoke the sea. The rich geometric bluegray Holland & Sherry wallpaper and the opalescent antique Murano chandelier depict it perfeclly: Glass tiles from Walker Zanger and Odegard tables in the shower enhance the lightness. A 1920 Swedish daybed stretches toward a BainUltra tUb. The vanity sink is Kohler; plants/pots, Mecox Gardens. Greek-key embroidNcd linen shades are custom.

Tory Burch's Neighbors Make Mansion out of $6M Cottage in the shadow of the large Westerly mansion can be depressing, so that's probably why the new owners turned to Brady Design to enlarge the cottage. And here's the result!

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